Friday, 10 March 2017

Confused Generation: Declaration of Identity

The war on traditional values has created a lost. angry, confused generation. 

What if one morning after we wake up, we wear a mask which is socially impressive, we wear the dress which is trending in the market and we go outside in a completely different form than what we really are. And what if, we do this every day continuously and after a long while we completely forget who we really are and become a product formed by the social market. 

Assumptions of society, consumptions of society and the need to be socially acceptable has made people lose their real self, made people loose the roots of their identity in the daily race of life, eventually, the life stands in mid of a competitive race, a quicksand of marketable needs. The quicksand of marketable needs makes your identity sink in it and makes you believe that your true self is inferior without even making you explicitly know it.

Why I am telling all these? Because the market is a big utilitarian monster and it is constantly making you a significant part of its body. 

I will be talking about Identity Crisis, the declaration of identity, conflict of traditional values and modernism, and the inferiority complex attached to the past values/ideas/tastes etc. 

In a generation where we start with I am a good ****, I have these achievements ****, I am a femi****, I am b****, I am, I am and I am, there is a problem to make people realise the base on which someone is declaring their identity, is the I am a ***** is coming from their true self or is it coming from their created self of the market, and how to distinguish and realise them. When we are a liberal individual, a feminist person, a democrat unit, does that mean to make yourself lose to a market which is predominantly killing ethics, killing the human values, which allows one being to connect with another, which promotes love, affection and other unmarketable, unquantifiable values? You kill love by materialistic views, by bodily pleasures, you kill friendship by 'give and take' relationships and by judging the utility you are getting. These may seem to be very simple issues but, deep lies the problem covered with flowers of today's joy. The Identity you hold may be multiple and inter-conflicting, you may be a professional hypocrite and yet you may have justified your hypocrisy by regarding it as a need of the market of professionalism. Professionalism, does it tells you to improve your true self to a crystal identity or it tells you to hide your true self with a crystal identity? This is an important thing to ponder. If we dip into the philosophy of Stoicism, "according to its teachings, as social beings, the path to happiness for humans is found in accepting that which we have been given in life, by not allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desire for pleasure or our fear of pain, by using our minds to understand the world around us and to do our part in nature's plan, and by working together and treating others in a fair and just manner". 

Let's pick up examples of an Identity crisis, how you fear to present your true identity because, it will be humiliated, treated as inferior, and how you adapt to other identities which are treated as superior and followed by the seeming majority in the market. Certain gestures such as a smile, politeness is also a part of the identity and when you are a person who is outspoken, frank and adapt to fake smiles, be polite and humble in front of relatives, superiors, knowingly or unknowingly you create an identity which is not what you are. It's has not become the dilemma of choosing an identity but, it is now using the identities in suitable places. Such multiple identities make you a programmed human being rather than a natural being with strong integrity and certain consistent principles. 

You declare our formal identity before the people with whom you maintain or intend to maintain a formal relationship and while you do so, you suppress your inner identity which makes you comfortable and makes you feel to be yourself. For certain people it is the other way round, hence, the declaration of identity has become the new contention among people. 

In India, among my generation of youths, they are trained to be hypocrites, they are taught the art of manipulating their own self and remaining a comfortable opportunist. The problem is, at the same time, we celebrate the occasional traditionalism and regard it or at least consider it when it is a status symbol which is occasionally and in other times, the modern western, logical and scientific thoughts rule the mind. Hence, feminism restricts women to go out in the night, liberalism sets an autocratic family structure, secularism proudly says why his/her religion is superior to others. 

Such identities are majorly market driven and we fail to have anything of your own. We had, but, we no more have. As we have been treating our own language, own dressing styles, own country as inferior, when we look back, we have nothing of your own but, only of others. To stick to one thing to explain the issue, language is extremely political and when a language is mocked at and an inferiority complex is attached to it then, it is time for a revolution to reclaim the language. It shows that some political power has taken the soul of the language. 

As you must have realised, I have not concluded anything and have only raised certain issues, and I leave it to you for further thought process and commentaries. 

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