Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The new you.

Among the new roads to walk on,
new airs to breath in, new clouds to float on,
I saw you in a new you.
I found you as a light-house in a lost ocean,
defeating the waves, I was the lone swimmer,
among your smiles, I was the lone thinker,
among your hair curls, I was the lone survivor,
don't you know ? Well, I never said!

You touched my lips by the air of the city,
the city which has never been mine,
You made me stand by the hope of the paths,
the paths which know the smell of my tears,
You came to me like the sand dunes of desert,
the desert where my dreams were just a mirage,
You came to flow away, and my tears accumulated,
the world didn't even allow my tears to flow, but, you to go.

When you left, it was the ice in my fist which evaporated,
I ran  to you like a child runs to the mother,
I cried for you without tears, perhaps like Devdas did for Paro.
The river doesn't stop flowing for the lovers,
the lovers feel glad to encounter the river.
Perhaps, it is not the life which will see you again,
but, you will appear in my poems from time and again.

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