Saturday, 21 May 2016

What CLAT taught me

As an introduction, let me brief you regarding CLAT before the actual cry (Skip it, if you know enough about it).CLAT was born when a student approached Supreme Court appealing for conducting a common entrance exam to the separate NLUs spread all across the nation, to reduce the hassles involved in taking separate exams, where dates used to clash creating an unjust procedure. Presently, Common Law Admission Test is used for admission in 17 different National Law Universities spread across the length and breadth of my country. With English, General Knowledge, Maths, Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning it creates a solid cocktail, often making it indigestible. You can take it after class 12 or if you're appearing for class 12. 'Rajnikant People' make it to NLUs after studying simultaneously for class 12 and CLAT, and acing both, eventually. However, students even take a drop to take that extra jump which is needed to crack the exam.

In my case, I had to take a drop of 1 year, which has been truly a learning experience.

When you travel for too long, the journey becomes much more valuable than the goal and after reaching the goal you feel if you could travel the same path again, it would be a comfort for the heart and you would get an opportunity to learn the things which you missed.        

Taking a drop was comparatively easier for me, probably because, I don't allow myself to get swayed away by general public perceptions and I am not affected by the illogical assertion of opinions. I feel better when I follow my own set guidelines and principles, which are constructed on the logical and moral grounds. Initially, after the CLAT 2015 results were out, I was somewhat caught on the horns of dilemma, deciding the course of action, then the voice which came straight from my heart said -

Don't change your goal, if you are unable to reach it, change your way of reaching the goal which will surely help you to reach the goal.

-And the course of action was decided-

It is easier to conquer the goal when you have one goal, multiple goals at the same field initially, demeans each other and ultimately, makes almost impossible to conquer any of them. In a football field if you have four goals, instead of two, making 2 goal posts for each team, then it is obvious that the players will get confused where to hit it, maybe one will take the ball with the aim in mind to hit it in goal 1 , and as he will pass it to another player, he will take it to goal 2 with an aim in mind to hit it in goal 2, because he doesn't know what is going in the mind of the first player. This is so obvious, right ? So, the same thing can be applied in life. See football teaches you many things.

When you are not eligible to have the goal, and you polish yourself to make yourself eligible for the goal then, you have to face, what I term as, 'Positive friction in disguise'. When something is polished then that thing is rubbed rigorously, which is apparently a painful rub, but is it so in actual ? It transforms you and helps you to reach the next best level so, I call it 'Positive friction in disguise'. The candidates who are able to survive this 'Positive friction in disguise' process are shortlisted for the next level.   

The people's psychology remain same in any part of this world (for me India is the world here), be it a remote area, a town, a city or any metropolitan city, the location doesn't actual matter when it comes to "Human behaviour and psychology". The habit of observation and drawing a broad conclusion from it, helped me to add certain more theories under "Human behaviour and psychology" in my mind. No matter what you do, no matter where are you, no matter how hard you work, there will be people who will give certificates to people on the basis of  how they talk, how they communicate, how they interact, where from they belong, where they have studied, what percentage they have got and many futile idiotic grounds. However, every people will have a side, undiscovered, overlooked, the humane side.

Your journey may be long, you may feel at times that you are walking all alone, you may even sense as if, you have taken a less travelled path as you will be isolated at times. These happens when you look outward, but, once you start looking inward, you will feel there are so many things to do and learn, the soul is still with you, your conscience is breathing, your intellect is beating, your heart is pounding, your goal is calling you, you will be back to work, you have so may co-travellers, not walking with you but, walking in you.

When you are thrown with a time frame, by which you have to reach your goal, whatever be the time period, it will still seem to be less to you. With each passing day, you will realise that time is running amazingly swift. Time is running in the same manner, but, when you have a determined goal, even the pace of time is forced to change in your mind. Theory of relativity, physics helps in life, you see. 

"An hour sitting with a pretty girl on a park bench passes like a minute, but a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour"

Time is brutal, time is benevolent, time is fast, time is slow, you will realise, time will come to you in different costumes. And in this sea of time, at times, you will feel like giving up, giving up because, you see the results which are discouraging you to continue and achieve the goal, you take the tests as final and you start taking the results of the tests as the mirror of your goal, which is again a 'deceiving mirror'. Don't believe in the mirror. Believe in the Banyan tree which is giving you the shade, your mentor, it is the Banyan tree which is pouring its roots so that you can climb to the next level, when you are tired it will give you shade, when it rains it will protect you at its best and when you need support, you can lean on it and receive the comfort. Respect your Banyan tree. 

And eventually, you will reach the goal or if not, you will at least come closer to the goal, you will be a different man altogether. And  And  And   

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in woods, and I 
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
                                                          -Robert Frost

PS: I generally do not boast about what philosophies I have and what learnings I have gathered and believe in, but, I thought I must blog on this learning which, for me is very special. Pardon me if this offended you in any way.
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