Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Game Plan

When the nights seem longer,
without a slightest of other reason than,
because it runs with the pace of hunger,
the morning brings peace with a toiling plate of grains,
These sums up to the opportunity for a demagogue,
equally hungry and starving for decades.

When the self-concerned man calculates the market's product,
with a shaky hand, shouts aloud, debates at the evening table,
Forms opinion with a weak point, and at night,
plans the next day's survival,
he must be provoked by my imaginative mirage,
which holds the power of breaking bangles and erasing many pigments of hope.

Let me rise through all these difficulties,
to satisfy the hunger of my seniors,
let me kill 2 Ants to save 1 Elephant,
one, which can give me a platform to provoke the ants.
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