Tuesday, 16 February 2016

When the bastard died

I heard the bastard is dead,
Maybe a consequence of public outrage,
They offered prayer for the bloodshed,
And they were branded as 'Goons & Deads'.

The Poll-eat-cians flocked with a sack & a rope,
To bag the thousand of votes,
And, did what they always do the best.

People roamed with certificates of 'Anti-Nationals',
To tag it on the rationalists and intellectuals.

After this, the Poll-eat-cians were bored,
And they thought, why not to play with students' sword,
 Then they took the 'Pakistan Zindabad' opportunity,
to mess the nation's unity.

They flocked where they saw profits,
with their false and malicious outfits.
Some failed to differentiate between dissent and treason, 
Only to justify 'Bharat ki Barbadi' as freedom of expression. 

By Arghya Samaddar
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