Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Lost Guy (Gai), VIKAS

Kamla, is a mother of 2, an illiterate, poverty stricken woman who stays in a village of West Bengal.Few months ago, a heart breaking incident happened with Kamla and I am about to narrate the incident briefly.

Kamla glanced at the watch, it was already 11:00 pm, her kids were asleep. and she went to bed after having a look of the backyard, at the the only cow she had,ensuring that everything was fine.
After Kamla woke up she was shocked to find one of her family member, Vikas, missing. She immediately went to the police station to lodge a missing report.She reached the police station and the conversation was as follows :
Kamla (sobbing): Our Vikas is missing from today morning and we want you to find Vikas
Inspector : Name ?
Kamla : Kamla
Inspector: Uff! Not yours', name of the missing guy
Kamla: Vikas
Inspector: Vikas what ? And tell me in details about the guy
Kamla: Only Vikas. And Vikas is not a guy, she is she (female). She is White in colur, with black patches, has two grey colour horns, ...........(Interrupted by the Inspector)
Inspector: What ? What nonsense ? who is this Vikas ? Not a human or what ? Wasting our time ? Go get out !
Kamla (Sobbing again) : No, please, I want my Vikas. Vikas is name of my cow, probably she has been abducted by Chohan Bhagwat, I have heard that they are abducting cows from this area and selling to Gamit Shah.

Inspector: Oh I see, but, you know, we deal with human beings and not animals. Who is this Chohan Bhagwat ?
Kamla : Chohan Bhagwat, he is head of CSS (Cow Seva Sangh) And they abduct cows and export them as 'beef meat'.
Inspector: Hmm.. It seems to be a big Gau-Mata Scam. I suggest you to approach Mr. Harendra Nodi. Or better complain to Monia Kandhi
Kamla : I want my Vikas, I will do everything.
Kamla Went by the streets shouting madly and disturbing the people by her words -
"Vikas Missing! Vikas Missing! Vikas Missing! "
After 2 days, Harendra Nodi came near Kamla Devi's village for a rally. Kamla Devi attended it, hoping to complain Harendra Nodi about the missing case of Vikas. Harendra Nodi at his speech (in Hindi) mentioned the name Vikas, though Kamla Devi failed to understand each and every word, but, she became enthusiastic after hearing that Harendra Nodi is going to bring Vikas.

After 6 months.............

Harendra Nodi became the head of CSS and failed to bring Vikas completely. And Kamla Devi failed to consume this heart-breaking incident, went to delhi to find Vikas (As Harendra Nodi used to stay in Delhi) & she became mentally sick and eventually turned into an insane person. Now, she, with her body without soul, everyday, madly, goes around 7 RCR to get hold of Harendra Nodi and break his nose for not giving her, her lost Vikas.

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