Monday, 6 July 2015


“In societies where men are truly confident of their own worth, women are not merely tolerated but valued”

It was certainly unexpected that, after 2 yrs the wound will be reopened, the countrymen will again start discussing the brutal night, the government will be baffled, the legal system will look at the mirror and the parents will think about their daughters.December 16, 2012, was indeed a brutal night. But, who knows, there are many such nights passed by, in India, which are unrecorded, unnoticed and overlooked. The night when the horrifying nirbhaya rape case occurred, the people erupted in anger, which was kept in reserve for years. No police barricades, tears gases were strong enough to resist this people’s anger. The government was baffled, they tried to reason it out but, it was too late. It suddenly dawned upon the parents of India, that how unsafe their daughters are, in their motherland. The accused were arrested within few days, comparatively. And many turns took place in the case. Mukesh, one of the accused, committed suicide in the cell. Unfortunately, the case is yet to be closed with a final verdict. Almost 2 yrs. Have passed, since the dreams, the aspirations, of nirbhaya, was murdered by few idiot men. Now a British documentary, “India's daughter” by filmmaker leslee udwin, has reopened the wound, highlighting the attitude of the lawyers, rapists, her parents and the society. Indeed, the documentary features truth. The truth, which was unknown, the truth, which highlighted how cruel men can be, the truth, showing the crisis of humanity. It was a documentary of around 58 minutes but, it has left an imprint which will last more than 58 days. It showed the view point of rapists, the lawyers and also the society. The interview of Mukesh showed the general view of a rapist. Latter, the social media was flooded with a similar type of comments, like that of Mukesh, from the so-called most educated and spiritual persons. The chivalric attitude was exposed. After the night of 16th December, people were on the streets demanding justice, demanding accountability. The documentary showed, how easily crimes are committed, how easily they manage to get through the system, how reluctant officials are to protect the society. The doctor told the victim’s mother, that “it is impossible to save her life”, but the government out of no reason, shifted her in a hospital abroad, which didn’t change the harsh truth. How easy it is to rape a girl in a bus, in the capital of India. The government might install securities, cameras after cameras in the abode and offices of minister’s, but for the citizens, security is nominal. And it was not the last rape in India, after this also; rape cases have been featured in India, kamduni rape case, June 7, 2013, rape of a kid in Bangalore and many others. The nirbhaya incident forced the legal system to come up with an amendment, criminal amendment act, 2013.

Mukesh’s interview says, “girls roaming outside after 9 pm are not decent”, “girls are themselves responsible for rape”. Opposing the comment, I must point out, there are women, so called the most educated and decent one, who goes out after 9, for their nightshifts, return after work or studies and moreover, why should the girls not have the freedom of secure enjoyment alike, men? They too have the liberty to go to pubs, disco, provided that, it is legal. The prejudice and cruel mind of men, however, tries to dominate and snatch the freedom of women. And the problem here is, more socio-psychological than anything else. The government of India has approved the amendment in the factories act, 1948 to allow women employees to work in night shifts. It suggests that the employer should take due care regarding the safety of women.
Mukesh’s second statement was a bad excuse for justifying his act. When a rape is committed, it’s the rapist who is tempted, it is the rapist who fails to control his desire, eventually, and it is the rapists who commit rape, burning his humanity. It is not the clothes which matter, but, the dimension from which you look.

Now, government’s banning the documentary was highly opposed by the people. Quoting that “banning it will not reduce rapes”. However, will showing it reduce rapes? , will reopen the old wound, act as prevention for not getting that wound again in future? What if they start making a documentary of every rape cases in India, to earn a pile of bucks? Then, they might wish that this type of crimes occur more, for their own commercial gain. The documentary featuring Mukesh's interview was not needed. Every criminal will say nonsense things to justify their act, are we going to record it and feature it every time? Moreover, who is he? A rapist! If u think it is needed to know the viewpoint of a rapist, then use it in your own research and curb crimes like this. What is the point in making it public? Is it for raising controversy? , or monetary gain? Democracy without restrictions can be catastrophic. There should be certain restrictions.
Nirbhaya rape case is not the first one to be so brutal. On February 23, 1991, when units of Indian army launched a search and interrogation operation in the village of konan poshpora, located in Kashmir, almost 100 women were gang-raped by Indian soldiers. But, the Indian government rejected the allegation as baseless. Even, the govt. Launched a campaign to acquit the soldiers. The human rights organisation have expressed serious doubts about the manner the investigation were conducted. Villagers even claimed that no such police investigation has taken place at all.
During the intervening night, between February 5 and 6, 2012, a woman was raped in park street, Kolkata. Latter, Mamata Banerjee, cm, commented on the incident as “cooked-up story”, for her own political gain.
June 7, 2013, a student in kamduni (20 km from Kolkata), was abducted, raped and murdered. Latter, Mamata Banerjee, cm, assured that culprits will be arrested but, it was not done for political reasons. The place is full of mafias, women passing by often has to face lewd comments. A hooch den even operates there, beside the tmc party office.
It is really unfortunate, people, political leaders, for their own political whims and fantasies, dare to play with common people’s life. Bureaucrats, civil servants also, alike political leaders, plays this game. It is a high time to revamp our minds because, if you want to change, it starts with yourself. Unless and until we are changing our views and the way we look at things, there will be more nirbhaya, kamduni cases.

“Rapists show how weak they are, unable to control temptation, unable to gain spirituality but, only to burn their own humanity, while thinking that, they are burning others life”

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