Monday, 6 July 2015

Concept of PARENT’S EDUCATION ; India

When the country is busy in trying to bring positive changes, especially in the social ideology of people, there is something we are missing out. That is “CHILD LEARNS WHAT THEY LIVE”-today we can see many crimes which uproot humanity, people’s peace, lacs of homes. Research says that behind 95% of heinous crimes, at least a man is involved.
Thanks to ‪#‎satyamevajayate‬ for raising this point. I want to expand it a bit. Parents says----- “don’t cry like a girl”, sense of gender biasness. When daughter is caring, “my daughter is my son”, to a son when he has fought in school, “u have beat him or got beatings? Go and beat ; be a man” . So these are the parents. They from the very beginning train the child to be violent, aggressive and gender discrimination is also evident. These results in crimes like rapes, dowry, ragging, eve-teasing etc. Parents are not supposed to teach them to be a girl or a boy but, they need to teach them to be a human first. And here comes the significance of PARENT’S EDUCATION.
PARENT’S EDUCATION has become a need for the hour in India. Here parents will be taught, how to develop child’s mind, what to do, how to do, what impact will arise from your actions and so on. They will be taught how to build this human resource in such a way, so that they can support the nation. And yes, the criminals, the terrorists, the cheat fund CEOs, the corrupt politicians are also someone’s child. So is it wrong to think, that implementing PARENT’S EDUCATION will reduce crimes, terrorism, corruption in a society?? When will India move forward in implementing compulsory PARENT’S EDUCATION??

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